M1 AUS : EIT Digital Master 1 in Autonomous Systems

Welcome to  EIT Digital Master 1 in Autonomous Systems at University Côte d'Azur. Please find on your left-hand side the four main information tabs: Grant, Application, Program and Contact.

Being a student enrolled at Master 1 EIT Digital AUS track ends up be graduated by an Engineering degree, from Polytech Nice Sophia engineering school of UCA, in
Electronic systems, which is legally equivalent to a national accreditated Master degree.

French CTI accredited "diplôme d'ingénieur" degree is also european wide recognized by the EUR-ACE® as master degree of Science and Engineering.

There are some specific duties for being graduated with this Polytech Engineering degree:
  • enroll to French courses (without ECTS)
  • enroll to general interest tasks for the engineering school (eg. participating in student fair, in the organization of some students event, etc, summing up to a min of half-day).
  • the internship/Master thesis semester (at least 18 weeks, less than 6 months) subject must be validated by Polytech before the start, and the final report must be sent to Polytech at the end
  • the result of the internship (gained ECTS) should be received by the end of the civil year.