M1 AUS : EIT Digital Master 1 in Autonomous Systems

Welcome to  EIT Digital Master 1 in Autonomous Systems at University Côte d'Azur. Please find on your left-hand side the four main information tabs: Grant, Application, Program and Contact.

Being a student enrolled at Master 1 EIT Digital AUS track ends up be graduated by an Engineering degree, from Polytech Nice Sophia engineering school of UCA, in Electronic systems, which is legally equivalent to a national accreditated Master degree.

French CTI accredited "diplôme d'ingénieur" degree is also european wide recognized by the EUR-ACE®. There is one or two additional duties for being graduated with this Polytech Engineering degree: getting a minimum level of French (of course, some French courses and self-study facilities are offered during the entry year) and the proof of having achieved some general interest tasks for the engineering school (eg. participating in student fair, in the organization of some students event, etc).