This Master 1 in Financial Technologies (FinTech) covers fundamental and technical aspects to design, develop and deploy online financial services. The core technical areas taught at UCA are about: distributed systems, multi-tiers software architecture and programming, security aspects and also gives a glimpse  on data analysis methods.

This Master 1 FinTech is organized in two semesters during which you can obtain (at least) 60 ECTS (European Credits Transfer System), divided into:
  • 36 ECTS in technical course,
  • 24 ECTS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E). This is achieved by attending: the corresponding courses offered at UCA in I&E (see program below) and the Summer School (4 ECTS) organized by the Master School Office, at the end of the academic year Master 1.
Each student entering Master 1 FinTech may come from a different background (more focused on computer science, or on applied mathematics, etc.). Therefore, personal guidance is provided to help students make their choice of elective lectures at the begining of the first semester.  To make this happen, the program is a merge of two corresponding specialities at the Polytech engineering school: computer science and applied maths&modelisation. Doing this way, the students can enforce their competencies in both domains, so to become cutting edge engineers in digital technology still having the necessary background to understand what the finance industry specificities are.

First Year of Master in Financial Technologies (FinTech)
Program (2020 - 2021)

Each student should acquire at least 60 ECTS during the first year of Master FinTech. The lectures and ECTS are distributed as follows:
  • Compulsory technical courses (27 ECTS),
  • Elective technical courses (select 9 ECTS, plus additional ones if you wish, in the lists below),
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses: I&E (24 ECTS).

Semester 1

Technical Courses

Compulsory courses in CS (15 ECTS) Number of ECTS
EIIN932 An algorithmic approach to distributed systems (24h) Sept-Nov 3
EIIN937 Data mining (24h) Jan-March 3
EIMAI922 Multi-tiers applications (30h) Sept-Dec 3
EIIN727 Software security (36h) Sept-Dec 3
EINN929 Smart cards & trusted infrastructures (24h) Jan-March 3



Models & computation for risk coverage (6 ECTS) Coefficient
Refresher in maths and stats for data science & finance (sept 1st week) 1
Applied mathematical models in Finance (sept 2nd week) 2
Introduction to Insurance and Actuarial calculus (oct-dec) 3
Elective courses (on top of) Number of ECTS
SMUFN109 Advanced Programming (shared with M1 INFO) 3
SMUFN117 Neural Network and Learning (shared with M1 INFO) 3
SMUFN113 Traitement automatique de texte en IA (TATIA) (shared with M1 INFO) 3
SMUFN104 BD vers Big Data (MOOC) (shared with M1 INFO) 3

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses

I&E 1 (9 ECTS) Number of ECTS
EMEIE101 Basics in I&E (spread in the empty slots, till end of january/february) 3
One Elective course  (oct-dec) to be chosen among:

KMUDS Digital Strategy (Economy & management faculty, DS4H/EUR shared)

KMUAUD Accessibility & Universal design of GUIs (DS4H /EUR shared)
KMUSRE Introduction to Scientific Research&exprimentation (DS4H/EUR shared)
EMEIE102 Business Dev. Lab Part 1 (spread in the empty slots, until jan.) 3

Semester 2

Technical Courses

Compulsory courses (6 ECTS) Number of ECTS
EIIIN837B Advanced networks and middleware (36h) Feb-May 3
EIIN835 Parallel programming (36h) Feb-May 3
Elective (9 ECTS): choose three elective courses among Number of ECTS
EIIN825 Artificial Intelligence: Optimization and Machine Learning (36h) Feb-May 3
EIIN833 Data Valorization (36h) Feb-May 3
SMUFN217 Graphs and complexity (shared with M1 INFO) Feb-May 3
SMUFN104/SMUFN204 BD vers Big Data (MOOC) (shared with M1 INFO) 3
SMUFN218 Software Engineering (shared with M1 INFO) Feb-May 3

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses

I&E 2 (6 ECTS): choose two elective courses (jan-march) among Number of ECTS
KMUES Entrepreunership (SKEMA Business course DS4H EUR shared) 3
KMUDL Digital IP and Law (Law Faculty DS4H EUR shared) 3
KMUIDT2 Innovation & Design thinking 2 (DS4H/EUR shared) 3
I&E 3 (9 ECTS) Coefficient
Business Dev. Lab Part 2 (spread in the empty slots, from early march till mid of June), with a technical focus in Digital Finance 5
Summer school : globally organized by EIT Digital, July-August 2021 4