M2 ITA: EIT Digital Master 2 in Internet Technology and Architecture

The EIT Digital Master Programmes are a two-year M.Sc. with compulsory geographical and organizational mobility for the students, including a mandatory summer school between the first and the second year. ITA (Internet Technology and Architecture) is one of these.

The programmes consist in seven different majors and are run through a co-operation between 20 of the top technical universities in Europe. The focal point of all these two-years master programme majors is that they include 30 ECTS of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) which is taught mainly during the 1st year of Master.

UNS acts as an exit (M2) point for the Internet and Technology (ITA) EIT Digital master. The core of the courses of the exit point is grounded on the Master 2 Computer Science IFI, joint with the 5th year of study of Polytech Nice-Sophia Engineering school computer science tracks and in particular, the Ubinet international one.

Overall, the exit point in Internet and Technology Architecture program at UNS offers a specialization in Networking analysis and experimentation which means it encompasses both conceptual / theoretical aspects of networking and also strongly focus on their use and related experimentations for their validation. 

From Automn 2017, UNS quitted the ITA master program as exit point, simply because of too few applicants. However, any reworking on the content of the master is considered with care, and may end up by UNS joining back the new version merging the former ITA and CCS master tracks, now entitled Network and Cloud Infrastructures.