Personal project

Project coordinator: Lucile SASSATELLI


  • 6 ECTS

One project is carried out by a team of 2 students, with possibly some projects done by only one student, between March and June. You will be able to see the projects’ descriptions by mid-January, and you will enter your ordered list of choices by end of January. By mid-February, you get the result of project assignment. You will start to work on your assigned project starting March, along the courses until ending May. Then you will have 3 weeks to work full-time on your project, starting from the last week of May.


  • You must give an intermediate report on mid-May, that will describe precisely what you are going to do, and into what order, during the 3 full-time weeks.
  • You must give a final report on mid-June.
  • You will defend your project in front of a committee at the end of your project (the last or before last week of June).

The mentioned dates (for deliverables) may be changed by a few days, I will update the information on time, and how you will be able to see the proposed projects and enter your choices will be mentioned in an email in the next weeks.

An accurate calendar will be provided to you after starting the 2nd semester.


The mark of each student will be individual (meaning that 2 students inside the same group may get a different mark).

The final mark is made of 3 components:

  • the mark of the report (it is a weighted mark of both marks of intermediate report and final report, the weights are not yet set, though the final report shall naturally weigh more). The report is graded by someone else than your supervisor.
  • the mark of the defense. Your supervisor will not be part of your committee.
  • the mark given by the supervisor, judging the work you made.

The weights of these 3 components are 1/3 each.

Regarding the defense: it will consist of a 15-minute presentation + 5-10 minutes of questions. The number of your slides should thus not exceed 15-20. The time of speech must be exactly equally shared between the two members of the group (if you are 2). Your advisor(s) will not be part of your committee.