Mobile & embedded systems

Module coordinator: Frédéric MALLET

Lecturers: Frédéric MALLET, Sid TOUATI



  • 6 ECTS

This module combines three courses:

  • Models : Persistence and Transformation (lecture=9h, labs=9h)

Instructor: Frédéric Mallet

Embedded systems are characterized by the quick evolution of the underlying execution and development platforms. Therefore, design platforms make a heavy use of transformation or code generation facilities to adapt to this fast evolution. This course discusses some of modeling technologies frequently used in research platforms for embedded systems, including technologies for the persistence and transformation of models.

  • Mobile computing (lecture=6h, labs=6h)

Instructor: Frédéric Mallet

While the war rages over the development of mobile applications through either web or native solutions, this course gives the basics for the development of native Android applications in Java.

  • Advanced Operating Systems (lecture=12h, labs=12h)

Instructor: Sid Touati

This course is devoted to master students willing to understand the kernel of an operating system. While this course is not devoted to a special operating system, we however provide some technical examples with Linux and windows. The course describes some advanced topics on operating systems: threads and process, scheduling, file systems and virtual memory. Laboratory classes are organized under Linux environment.


  • Operating systems (basic)
  • Linux (basic)
  • Java Programming (basic)


  • (30%) Persistence and Transformation: Lab, 6h in class, 3h at home
  • (20%) Mobile computing: Lab, 3h in class, 3h at home
  • (50%) Advanced OS: 2 sessions on machine (automatic answering system). 60 minutes for each session. Each student must bring his laptop.


  • Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice, by Marco Brambilla, Jordi Cabot, Manuel Wimmer (Morgan & Claypool, 2012)
  • Beginning Android, by Mark Murphy (APress, Springer)
  • Modern Operating Systems, by A. Tanenbaum (Prentice-Hall)
  • Understanding the Linux Kernel, by Bovet&Cesati, 3rd edition (O’Reilly)