M2 FinTech

This master 2 track will open from September 2021.
The official web site that is going to be kept up to date is:


UCA acts as both an entry (M1) and an exit (M2) point in FinTech. The program is run under the responsibility of the Polytech Nice Sophia (PNS) faculty of UCA.
The master track tagged "EIT Digital" the FinTech option belongs to is part of the national wide funded Graduate school (EUR) Digital systems for Humans. It is a specific track of the Computer science master of Université Côte d'Azur (UCA).  Besides DS4H funding, UCA also got an excellence funding (IDEX) in 2016. Additionally, Université Côte d'Azur has gained in April 2019 a very important funding in AI.

The specialization provides content oriented towards Financial or Insurance institution’s needs, related to their common B2C activities but also to their investment activities on financial markets.  This means courses content includes an introduction to financial markets, some mathematical and digitialized tools for modeling how financial products are priced and traded on such markets, and how associated risks can be covered. As such institutions also offer online platforms for their clients, the other aspect of the specialization is about how such multi-tiers and networked software are developed and secured in face of risks of various forms all along the digitalized chain. Say another way, the M2 track targets front, middle and back offices needs of financial institutions. It is grounded on a specialisation created 25 years ago at Polytech, "Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées à la Finance et à l'Assurance" (IMAFA).  Since then, a set of industrial contacts, both local, regional, national and even european wide, and a strong alumni network exist, and will be shared with EIT Digital students. Get here some information about IMAFA (3 years old, in French, still comprehensible).