M1 DSC: EIT Digital Master 1 in Data Science

All updated curriculum information, for the 2020-2021 academic year will also be published on http://unice.fr/polytechnice/fr/formation/masters/Master%20School%20EIT%...

Despite all Covid-19 related problems, the academic year should start first week of September 2020 for Master 1 students. Further practical information for new enrolled students will be sent shortly: they regard visa process, lodging, and much more.

UNS/UCA acts as both an entry (M1) and an exit (M2) point in DSC. The program is run under the responsibility of the Polytech faculty of UNS/UCA.

Each entry student will be given opportunity to be enrolled (for free) to the Polytech Nice Sophia engineering school 4th year in
Applied maths and modelisation department by default. Given the previous bachelor speciality and expertises, an alternative is to be enrolled in the Computer Science department instead. 
The student will be awarded a master of engineering degree (Diplôme d'Ingénieur), on top of the double master degree as per the EIT Digital signed agreement, thanks to european wide credits recognition. French CTI accredited "diplôme d'ingénieur" degree is also european wide recognized by the
EUR-ACE® as master degree of Science and Engineering.
There are additional duties for being graduated with this Polytech Engineering degree:
  • enroll to French courses (without ECTS)
  • enroll to general interest tasks for the engineering school (eg. participating in student fair, in the organization of some students event, etc, summing up to a min of half-day).
  • the internship/Master thesis semester (at least 18 weeks, less than 6 months) subject must be validated by Polytech before the start, and the final report must be sent to Polytech at the end
  • the result of the internship (gained ECTS) should be received by the end of the civil year.

To confort of our strong link with the industry partners we invite sponsors : the 2015-16 cohort' sponsor has been Amadeus Head of Innovation Landry Holi. The 2016-17 cohort' sponsor was IBM Global Industry Solution center Nice - Paris Jean Michel Corrieu. The 2017-18 cohort sponsor' was SAP Labs France located nearby, in Mougins, whose head is Ms Olena Kushakovska
. And the 2018-19 cohort' sponsor was again Jean Michel Corrieu from IBM and we again thank him for the support that this provides. In 2019-20, we are glad to have Therapixel, an SME in AI applied to biomedical applications, head person Pierre Fillard, being our sponsor.

The core of the courses of the entry point is grounded on both the
Master 1 Computer Science International Track,  and the
Applied Mathematics and Modelling Department of Polytech Nice Sophia engineering school 4th year of study, to which are plugged specific Master 2 / Polytech Engineering school 5th year courses of its Data Science track (like Data science challenges and industrial experiments, and Big data technologies). From September 2018, a new programme for the entry point has been deployed, which shares most of the previous contents with a bit more  of applied maths however (check the Program section). The master is part of the newly national wide funded Graduate school (EUR) Digital systems for Humans, as part of the renewed Computer science master of UNS/Université Côte d'Azur, which itself got an excellence funding (IDEX) in 2016. Additionally, Université Côte d'Azur has gained in April 2019 a very important funding in AI, meaning lot of research opportunities are to be added to the already vibrant ecosystem in the coming months. Even master 1 level students can get opportunities for either a research project in semester 1 and/or 2, and non mandatory summer internships

The exit point in Data Science at UNS offers a specialization in Multimedia and Web Science for Big Data. A little reworked program is deployed from September 2019, as described in the M2 DSC Program page.

Students, be they entry or exit, from cohort 2018, will be graduated with a Master degree from UCA and not anymore from UNS (which will be absorbed into UCA from 2020).

Some nice photos that show that at this Univ. we work hard, we have success,  but we also enjoy !

    Farzam from Cohort 2019, and his team has won the Business Challenge of the Kick Off Meeting in October 2019 à Univ. Trento, proposing Doctor Pill, an original idea to clean water supply networks: well done!!
    Visit at the Station F, the famous incubator in Paris in Automn 2017

    STATION F visit in Paris, before the Master KOM in Helsinki 

    Jacqueline and her team won the business challenge at the KOM in 2017 in Aalto, about an original idea about a healthy & managed nutrition
    Jacqueline and her team won the business challenge at the KOM in Aalto 

  It is now time to go for rest, before the summer schools: all exams have now finished, and this has been celebrated
  It is now time to go for rest