Track Foundations in Computer Science (First Year)

The first year of the international Master in Computer Science focuses on fundamental knowledge in networks, software engineering and in programming.  Moreover, computability and mathematical logic courses will enhance the student's ability to translate vast amounts of data into abstract concepts and to understand data based reasoning. Thanks to personal project which will take place during second semester, the student will learn :

  • how to conduct a good, statistically significant and reliable scientific research,
  • how to present the results and write a well-structured scientific article.

The main outcome of such knowledge is to prepare a student to follow the second year of master ubinet and for the most ambitious ones, to follow the PhD studies afterwards.
Even though, a student may decide not to become a scientist, after successful completion of full master program (2 years) studies, he/she will be prepared to work as an engineer in IT industry.

The international track of the Master 1 in Computer Science is designed for international students. Lectures are given in English. French speaking students are welcome provided they have a sufficient level in English (B2 or IELTS 5.5).

The Master 1 program is the first year of the Master degree studies.